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The ROI of Listening to your Customers’ Need

- 11 mayo, 2010 -
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Connie Bensen ha vuelto a publicar un WhitePaper en el que nos explica la importancia de escuchar a nuestros clientes, y valorar sus menciones y opiniones para poder tomar decisiones.

Os copio el texto introductorio de este Whitepaper (en inglés) para que podáis decidir si queréis descargársolo:
Let’s Talk! about how a social media monitoring tool can greatly improve your customer service and personalize how you connect with your customers in a scalable manner.

Consumers are demanding a higher level of customer service than ever before and they have found that social networks are a great place to express themselves. Your customer service team is probably well-equipped to handle the usual channels – mail, email, and phone – but what about social media? Are you prepared to respond to your customer’s needs on the social web? How can you use social media to improve customer support and in-turn realize increased sales and customer satisfaction? Discover how to increase customer satisfaction and drive ROI utilizing social media.

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